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In our opinion, the old proverb “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.” is right on the money. At BlitzMasters, our training experts offer skills and inspiration that “feed” an entire career.

Motivational, transformational, fast, and scalable for groups large or small: count on your BlitzMaster for a workshop that helps you and your team generate same-day results and lifelong skills.

Andrea Sittig-Rolf

Chief BlitzMaster & CEO

BlitzMasters founder Andrea Sittig-Rolf helps sales organizations inspire change, maximize sales, and increase bottom line results. Business savvy and passionate for people, Andrea understands how to help and inspire salespeople to be their best. In addition to her work in sales training, she is also a successful entrepreneur, author, and frequent media guest and is in high demand as a speaker.

"Andrea is one of the most passionate and focused entrepreneurs that I have ever known. BlitzMasters is a company grown from true grassroots, by an individual who believed (and continues to believe) that any rep can fill their pipeline with opportunities in a single day, if they apply some tried-and-true, but often ignored, approaches. Andrea has grown her business into a substantial enterprise, but the core mission of her company has never changed — and neither has her exuberance, enthusiasm, and energy. I consider Andrea a good friend and industry counterpart, and will continue to recommend her program as an integral part of any sales strategy."
-Matt Brown
VP Worldwide Strategic Partnerships and Sales Enablement, Rogue Wave Software


Carl Sittig


Carl's great sense of humor and his ability to simplify even the most tedious concepts make him an outstanding communicator, trainer, and leader. For over 25 years, Carl has inspired teams around the world to achieve challenging goals; and during his 17+ year career at Microsoft as a salesperson, sales director, and general manager, Carl was known for his ability to build, coach, and motivate great teams. His broad experience ranges from leading worldwide sales teams at Microsoft to VP of business development for a SaaS startup.

Carl is funny, humble, and interesting, and he always has a good story to tell. Book him for a Blitz or for a speaking engagement.

"Equal or better than [Carl’s] sales skills were his management and people development expertise. He helped many people, including me, understand our business and develop sales and management skills. Many of those people will be future leaders in the company for sure."
-Rick Wong
Vice President, Microsoft

Leah Darby


Leah Darby has been the wearer of many hats: corporate employee, teacher, trainer, and performer. She’s also been a Miss America contestant. Her diverse background includes a wealth of experience and serves her well at BlitzMasters. In the corporate world, Leah held positions at JP Morgan Chase and DMS Technology Services before transitioning into a training consultant role for a professional communication skills consulting firm. Leah holds a bachelor’s degree in music from Oklahoma City University and continues to work as a professional freelance artist in addition to consulting and training.

During her year of service as Miss Kansas, Leah had the privilege of speaking to thousands of people and was awarded the first-ever Welcome Back Award by Eli Lilly and Company. Leah also collaborated with the pharmaceutical company on a national campaign that included an appearance on The Today Show. Leah calls New York City home and lives with her amazing dog, Mira.

"The effort and investment paid off with very good results. The processes used by BlitzMasters were well suited for our business model and harnessed our fragmented approach into a singularly focused and step-by-step sales strategy. And of course, Leah Darby did an excellent job in coaching the team."
-James Seay
Sales Manager, Diebold

Jessica Lane


Hailing from Perth, Western Australia, Jessica has been fortunate to combine her love of Education, Entertainment and Marketing on an international level. She prides herself on being almost as smart as she is funny, and believes in capturing the learning experience in everything she does. Jessica holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Performing Arts and has thoroughly enjoyed a professional performance career spanning from Australia to New York and Las Vegas. She also completed a Post Graduate Degree in Secondary Education, with a focus on understanding behavior and learning styles. Both as a Teacher, and Experiential Marketing Designer, Jessica has found her passion for human behavior invaluable.

Jessica’s journey to personal satisfaction stems from the intrinsic desire to provide the platform for the success of those around her. Communication and delivering an engaging experience at any given opportunity, has certainly lead to rewarding and fulfilling outcomes for everyone involved. When not planning global advancement through making people laugh, Jess can be found hiking with her harness trained rescue kitties, Cino and Phoenix, or binge watching anything Marvel!

"You are a true talent. The training today was amazing, and I've heard nothing but amazing things from my team. I've been in sales for quite some time, and this is the best, most beneficial training I have ever been apart of. I truly believe this training was as good as it was because of your passion for teaching, the easy to understand curriculum, and the amazing atmosphere you created. I can't thank you enough, and I can't wait to share all the amazing success coming our way because of this!"
-Shannon Barker
Sales Manager, PCM


Fawn Burke

Blitz Operations Manager

Fawn’s enthusiasm and high-energy is contagious in her position as Blitz Operations Manager. Her strong communication and multitasking skills allow her to provide excellent administrative support to the BlitzMasters team. Fawn has 20+ years of management experience ranging across many industries including pharmaceuticals, wealth management and healthcare. She is dedicated to her work and is a team player. Fawn lives in La Quinta, California, has 2 grown children, and is the proud grandmother of 2 precious little boys. In her free time she enjoys golfing and spending time with Abby – her Labrador retriever.


Brian Rolf


Brian combines strengths in project management with a background in sales and education. His experience in managing complex projects with many moving parts brings incredible value to the BlitzMasters team.

Brian has a bachelor of science degree from Western Washington University and lives in the Seattle area with his wife, Andrea Sittig-Rolf.


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