BlitzMasters unleashes the potential of your sales team with sustainable skills, powerful tools, and the unstoppable confidence necessary to set appointments, fill the pipeline, and find new business. We instill values that go far beyond a one-day workshop to fuel an entire career with the expertise you and your team need to succeed.

Enable success just where you need it

For Channel Managers

Maximize the ROI of your MDF
or co-op spend.

Leverage BlitzMasters as a benefit
in your partner-recruitment package.

Inspire loyalty and increase wallet-share with current partners.

For Sales Managers

Maximize the ROI of your sales training investment.

Onboard new salespeople quickly and generate net new business at the same time.

Drive sales incentives and               grow revenue.

For Salespeople

Schedule 10 new meetings per week with our proven strategies.

Invest in your success and grow
your business.

Blast through quotas and leave your competitors in the dust.

Since 2002, BlitzMasters has been enabling sales success around the globe, and is trusted by some of the world’s most familiar brands.

Customer success story:  A Fast Turnaround to Success

Over the past 10 weeks working with your firm, we have trained 80+ sales professionals across 10 states and instituted a programmatic pipeline development initiative. During that time, we have gone from being ‘victims’ of our pipeline to ‘masters’ of our future success - thank you for people and process that made this rapid transformation possible.
— Glenn Zerbe, Vice President Sales - Central Region, Frontier Communications

From "No" to "Go"

CEO’s story inspires a brand

Early in her career as an account executive, Andrea Sittig-Rolf became known around the office as the salesperson who wouldn’t take no for an answer. Her legendary approach to overcoming rejection and exceeding sales and revenue goals led her to form BlitzMasters.

Today, Andrea helps sales organizations inspire change, maximize sales, and increase bottom line results. Business savvy and with a passion for people, Andrea understands how to help and inspire salespeople. She is a successful entrepreneur, author, frequent media guest, and sales trainer, and is in high demand as a speaker and workshop leader.  

BlitzMasters CEO Andrea Sittig-Rolf

BlitzMasters CEO Andrea Sittig-Rolf

BlitzMasters' Tip of the Day:

Don’t waste time with gatekeepers

Receptionists are often trained to use a line of questioning to screen you off the phone.  Don’t go there.

Ask for somebody in the sales department first thing!