The Crying Towel


The Crying Towel


Don't throw in the towel... hang it in your office cubicle! With this handy Crying Towel you'll always have an excuse close at hand when the boss asks why you're not selling!

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  • My quota is too high!
  • My territory is too big!
  • My territory is too small!
  • I've called, but there is no answer!
  • We keep missing each other!
  • I didn't want to appear too anxious, so I thought I'd wait!
  • My dog ate the leads!
  • They are thinking it over!
  • It looks good. They will call next week!
  • They are taking it to the decision maker!
  • I sent them literature!
  • Quota — What quota?
  • They just signed a new contract!
  • They're comparing us to the competition!
  • The economy is bad!