Jessica Lane


Hailing from Perth, Western Australia, Jessica has been fortunate to combine her love of Education, Entertainment and Marketing on an international level. She prides herself on being almost as smart as she is funny, and believes in capturing the learning experience in everything she does. Jessica holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Performing Arts and has thoroughly enjoyed a professional performance career spanning from Australia to New York and Las Vegas. She also completed a Post Graduate Degree in Secondary Education, with a focus on understanding behavior and learning styles. Both as a Teacher, and Experiential Marketing Designer, Jessica has found her passion for human behavior invaluable.

Jessica’s journey to personal satisfaction stems from the intrinsic desire to provide the platform for the success of those around her. Communication and delivering an engaging experience at any given opportunity, has certainly lead to rewarding and fulfilling outcomes for everyone involved. When not planning global advancement through making people laugh, Jess can be found hiking with her harness trained rescue kitties, Cino and Phoenix, or binge watching anything Marvel!

"You are a true talent. The training today was amazing, and I've heard nothing but amazing things from my team. I've been in sales for quite some time, and this is the best, most beneficial training I have ever been apart of. I truly believe this training was as good as it was because of your passion for teaching, the easy to understand curriculum, and the amazing atmosphere you created. I can't thank you enough, and I can't wait to share all the amazing success coming our way because of this!"
-Shannon Barker
Sales Manager, PCM