Carl Sittig


Carl's great sense of humor and his ability to simplify even the most tedious concepts make him an outstanding communicator, trainer, and leader. For over 25 years, Carl has inspired teams around the world to achieve challenging goals; and during his 17+ year career at Microsoft as a salesperson, sales director, and general manager, Carl was known for his ability to build, coach, and motivate great teams. His broad experience ranges from leading worldwide sales teams at Microsoft to VP of business development for a SaaS startup.

Carl is funny, humble, and interesting, and he always has a good story to tell. Book him for a Blitz or for a speaking engagement.

"Equal or better than [Carl’s] sales skills were his management and people development expertise. He helped many people, including me, understand our business and develop sales and management skills. Many of those people will be future leaders in the company for sure."
-Rick Wong
Vice President, Microsoft