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"The event today was great! Our BlitzMaster was amazing. BlitzMasters has become a program that our partners and sellers look forward to every quarter." Juniper Networks

"Our BlitzMaster brought knowledge, energy and experience to the event. The numbers speak volumes to the effectiveness of the BlitzMasters program. This was significant because experienced sales executives have gone through a lot of training in their careers and are understandably skeptical. One of our senior reps closed an end-user appointment with an Enterprise Partner in Houston. I am excited at the prospect of engaging my partners with BlitzMasters to build Xerox pipeline and am optimistic I will see this kind of success with the channel." Xerox

"The day was excellent for a number of reasons. First and foremost The Blitz Experience® is a program that is well thought out and well executed. The pre-Blitz day planning, added to our BlitzMaster’s tremendous enthusiasm, experience and knowledge, was matched by Kevin and his team’s attention to detail and required only that our reps follow the formula to success. More important is that the lessons learned during The Blitz Experience will be used immediately and repeatedly and become part of our ongoing success at Xerox Direct. Thank you BlitzMasters!" Xerox

"I'm sitting here in one of the sales QBR and a rep keeps bringing up BlitzMasters as something that really worked for her and how much she loved it. Kudos! Love it." Juniper

"Very impressed with our "first round" results, thank you. Consistently good feedback from both partners and sales teams alike." Juniper

"We've had great feedback from our partners on The Blitz Experience demand generation program. We are seeing solid ROI and revenue results. I'm a big fan of this program!" Hewlett-Packard

"The Blitz Experience is the FIRST training program that provides a means of easily connecting the results of the training to the bottom line. We have seen in only a few short weeks after the training, appointments converting to orders!" SunSource

"I thought it was a great day and the salespeople seemed captivated! The training was the right mix of information and motivation. It was clear to see during the calling sessions that people were embracing the techniques, using what they'd learned during the training on real calls to prospects. Full marks to our BlitzMaster who was great fun and enthusiastic!" MISCO U.K.

"Our Blitz Experience was fantastic! Every person that attended was able to learn something they can now apply in their daily job." IMP Solutions

"This was a very demanding, rewarding, and productive day. I'm very happy with the outcome, the quality of the BlitzMaster's training and motivational skills, and her ability to keep everybody on the edge of their seats." Hewlett-Packard

"The BlitzMaster has been an incredible resource to our team. She is a Sales Trainer, specific to effective phone calling campaigns. She has gone into many channel partners to conduct appointment-setting sales training to great success. It is the Return on Investment that makes this sales training program so unique." Hewlett-Packard

"During the week of The Blitz Experience we increased our new appointment activity by 70%.....over 200 appointments were set!" OfficeMax

"It's not often that you can get a team of salespeople to set 236 appointments in one day! We really hustled yesterday and it will pay off!" Office Depot

"We all know getting the appointment is the most critical part of any sales call, and could not be more important in a depressed economy. You made the whole process exciting, fun, and easy to understand. I especially like the flashcards on how to handle objections. Great tool." Office Depot

"The Blitz Experience was an intuitive, productive, and powerful force in penetrating the business potential that we touch each day. I was pleased to see the team approach the experience with the intention to generate results and increase their overall opportunities. The Blitz Experience approach will be beneficial in driving our brands in, and our competitors out, of our accounts." Insight

"The Blitz Experience took our reps out of their comfort zones and produced more opportunities in one day than most get in months of calling. Our BlitzMaster was great! Her encouragement, enthusiasm, and coaching was paramount to our success." PhillipsOfficeProducts

"Does it work? I know it works! Not only have we trained thousands of salespeople through the years, we are also a customer of The Blitz Experience and have benefited greatly from the sales skills and techniques taught during the program." Ziglar

"Since our Blitz Experience campaign, we have gone from 23% of plan to 105% of plan! Our sales reps have changed their behavior to include consistent, proactive selling activities that have resulted in tremendous revenue growth for our company." Integra Telecom

"Our business has grown leaps and bounds since The Blitz Experience. We have added sales reps and we are ready to own the fireplace market in the Puget Sound. Thanks for your passion and insight into sales!!!!!" Fireside Hearth and Home

"I was able to participate today (with some distractions) and was able to make around 40 outbound calls with 5 live discussions. I also tend to leave a lot of voicemails, but I see (detailed here) we have a nice blend of VM's and no VM's across the group. I was also happy to see several people in Chicago make over 60 individual calls. I always take something new from these experiences - so thank you. Karen the BlitzMaster is great to work with!" NACR

"The comments I received from Dewpoint and Paul exceeded my every expectation. I put myself on the line every day when I'm testing programs, crossing my fingers and hoping for the best results. Thank you for a job well done! I will be communicating this information to our senior management and I can confidently say that this program will be brought to future partners. I look forward to attending one of these trainings in person." Oracle

"We very much value all the help and coaching from BlitzMasters. Today's session was very eventful. I'd say to get 39 appointments out of 76 live conversations is a testament to the effectiveness of the program. What I like most is that it's driving a level of discipline even our most seasoned sales professionals can benefit from. We look forward to the next one..."

"Thank you for your efforts in providing us with such 'user-friendly' material, plus I believe you're a psychic. I received a returned VM today & set up another appt. That's two returned VMs in a 3 hour period, pretty powerful. I've attended Tony Robbins sales mastery course and Sandler's Sales institute, which both launched my career, but I believe you've rejuvenated it. Unbelievable, how something so simple can can return such large benefits... NEW BUSINESS OPPS!" Technology Integration Group

"Thank you again to you for your time today! Our teams love the Blitzmasters campaigns and left the session fired up! We hope to use Blitzmasters over and over again." SKC

"Great Job with Day 1 of our new program. $1.3M in opportunities on first run is very good. Thank you for keeping your teams focused and involved.

Now let’s follow through for closure and use the momentum for the May Blitz." NEC

"From the list provided, we were successful closing 3 IP Office opportunities, one for $2,000, one for $4,000 and one for $4,600. All are net revenue to Avaya. Several of the others are still in the pipeline." Avaya

"We were amazed at how even the tough old birds were as enthusiastic about blitzing as the fledglings were! The BlitzMaster’s enthusiasm got them started with the first horn blow and kept them going all day. He really did a great job.

The Hiscall leadership team was thrilled with the results and wants to do it again!

Thank you for such a great program!" Avaya

"Thank you for a fantastic Blitz day. Your company helped us set a record day with 48 new appointments and $1M in pipeline. Aside from the phenomenal results, it's the sales techniques that you provided that truly enhanced the overall value." Champion Solutions Group

"I would rate The Blitz Experience an A+. Our BlitzMaster had a great personality and conveyed the skills and concepts from the book perfectly. Everyone here had nothing but compliments about the program. And more importantly, they have displayed new-found enthusiasm and confidence since. In addition, a few salespeople here arrive religiously between 8:15 to 8:30am every day. The day after the Blitz and today they have arrived by 8am or earlier without any prodding from me at all. That may not seem like a lot, but that adds up to about 10 more productive work hours a month; each and every month."

"The Blitz Experience was truly amazing. The numbers say it all. I had 20 year veteran salespeople saying this was the best training they've ever had. The team was really impressed with the whole event. Thanks to you and your organization."

"The reps were engaged and the BlitzMaster did a great job of keeping them motivated. The results were overwhelming and I was very impressed at what a one day training can accomplish. I know this office will benefit from this training for months and years to come. Thank you!" Metafore

"The Blitz Experience was a success and exceeded our expectations. The whole team was impressed with what they learned, will embrace the new ways to call accounts, and were thrilled with the immediate wins they had in a day's work. I'd like to do this again and am happy to serve as a reference. Thank you." American Digital

"I can only compliment the entire week of working with the BlitzMaster to train our call center reps. Our team is harsh to say the least so to have such positive feedback is a testament to the program. Even our most experienced salespeople commented on the fact they had learnt something." BT Business Direct

"Our ROI was 10 X the Blitz Experience investment! My team and I appreciate you! Thank you!" ToolWatch

"I have been in sales for over 20 years, and while I was not looking forward to the training, I can say with confidence that The Blitz Experience was absolutely the best training I've ever had! For once, we received tools that are so practical, so "hands on", that I came away feeling confident in myself as a salesperson, and really excited to make new calls! The day was really fun and challenging!"

"I just want to say a HUGE thank you to our BlitzMaster. We all really appreciate all of the energy and enthusiasm shown this week. The feedback from all of the sales teams, sales managers and all participants was that this was a truly worthwhile experience and worth every minute invested. There was a huge buzz across the whole organisation as a result. Here's to closing some of those 382 opportunities!" Hewlett-Packard

"BlitzMasters, it was a pleasure meeting you in our Montreal Office. The feedback I got from the reps who attended the training was phenomenal, they really enjoyed it and got huge benefits from the training. Thank you very much!" PC Mall

"I was impressed with the program and I think it gave the Account Managers a fresh perspective to take with them to the phones. The BlitzMaster was very well received by the Account Managers - they felt very comfortable implementing her suggestions and asking her questions. I was also excited to see the data that was driven from the day as well. Thank you again and we look forward to talking with you in the future." CDW

"Corporate Technologies has completed the IBM Blitz Day with BlitzMasters. The event was a success with over 107 scheduled appointments. We are conservatively anticipating over $5M in sales as a result of the appointments set." Corporate Technologies

"The Blitz experience has been so positive and very beneficial for my job. I have never liked cold calling and now I feel very prepared to make those calls. The flashcards really help with the right response. I am already getting phone calls back this morning from the voicemails I left. I am going to take your suggestion to make 10 calls every morning before I open email and see what happens." NACR

"The Blitz Experience was fantastic! The training was practical and even the seasoned reps were engaged. We set over 47 appointments and I have seen my reps adding these skills into their daily lives. You definitely made believers of those who were not." NACR

"First, I want to say that the BlitzMaster did an awesome job today. She made every thing clear for my guys to make calls with confidence. I really feel like I got my money's worth today. Everyone around here is so excited including me. You would never know this was the first time your company has worked with a staffing agency. Your techniques truly work in any industry. Since the blitz they guys have gotten several more appointments. Thanks again to BlitzMasters!!!" NACR

"The training was excellent and when I finally used the techniques, I was amazed at the results. I caught myself going back to my old ways several times; then on the next call I would do exactly what our BlitzMaster taught us, and it worked!! I will continue to work on improving my prospecting skills to find more customers. Thank you for offering this excellent training program to ScanSource." ScanSource Communications

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