The Ultimate Sales Call

We offer consulting for all levels of sales experience and challenges.
Andrea Sittig-Rolf, CSP will personally provide all consulting services.

One Hour Consultation Call $495

Do you have a burning sales issue that keeps you awake at night? Perhaps you're hiring a salesperson or sales team and need help with strategy or specific steps to take, or pitfalls to avoid. Do you want to bounce some sales ideas off someone with extensive sales experience? Whatever your challenge, you can discuss it with Andrea. The agenda is up to you; it can be a free-form advice session, or you can shoot for a specific outcome. No matter what your individual goals are, you'll leave the call with definite "go forward" strategies and tactics that will benefit you and your company. (If our activity-based sales training program The Blitz Experience® is the appropriate solution for your challenge, the $495 consultation fee will be refunded upon securing a date on the calendar for your Blitz Experience®.)

Calls will be arranged at a mutually convenient time.

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The Blitz Experience

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