About Andrea Sittig-Rolf

Founded by Andrea Sittig-Rolf, CSP in May, 2002, BlitzMasters is a results oriented, activity based sales training firm that helps companies increase sales through the implementation of The Blitz Experience®, a one day, activity-based new business development workshop that empowers salespeople to schedule appointments with qualified prospects the day of the workshop, resulting in a pipeline full of new opportunities at the end of the day!

BlitzMasters' Blitz Experience workshops are highly effective and have been proven successful time and time again through an inspirational methodology that empowers sales teams and individuals to acquire more new customers than ever before, as well as sell more products and services to existing accounts.

BlitzMasters' BlitzMasters are highly sought after workshop leaders and seminar facilitators in their own right, and have joined BlitzMasters as licensed providers of The Blitz Experience based on their passion for empowering salespeople to succeed. Meet the BlitzMasters

Whether targeting new markets, offering new products and services, or simply building the pipeline, your sales team will be positioned for success.

The Blitz Experience

Find out how successful businesses are unleashing their sales potential!

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